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Army lists

I really enjoy making army lists and try to make something special for the GTs I attend.



Dumblum's army list

Warhammer has been my favourite game for a long time. I prefer Fantasy over 40k. This is the army list showing the 2k Gobbo only army I used at the UK GT 98.

The Moon

Dumblum again. The army list I used at the UK GT 99. This time in the form of a newspaper instead of a diary.

The Goblin Cult of Speed

This years UK 40k GT army list. Goblins in 40k not really surprising, if you know my Fantasy armies.

The Art of Waagh

This is the army list booklet I made for the UK 40k GT 2000. It's a real hard cover book.


I was always fascinated by chariot racing, so the idea to make some rules to replay chariot races with Warmaster miniatures was quite close.


Warmaster is my current love. It is not only well suited for Fantasy, but also for ancient war gaming. So I sat down and adapted the rules for ancient scenarios and created some army lists.


Army lists


Characters & Mounts




Monster & Warmachines


An army generator program covering all Ancientmaster army lists.

Ancientmaster PDF

Ken Demyen compiled all the Ancientmaster rules into a pdf-file. And he did a great job.

Spanish Ancientmaster PDF

Slorm le Damne compiled all the Ancientmaster rules and translated them to Spanish. Highly recommended.

Armies of Alexander

Indian  armies

Ancient Greek  armies

Armies of the Trojan War

Persian  armies

Egyptian armies

Republican Roman armies

Carthagian  armies

Imperial Roman armies

German armies

Briton armies

Gallic army

Byzantine PDF

Geoff Fabron wrote a number of army lists for Byzantine armies of different periods and their enemies.

WM Ancientsarmies Vol1 PDF

Honda Kowabunga created army lists for many different armies from Normans to Samurais.




Warmaster is my favorite game at the moment. If you too like Warmaster you might find some inspiration in the following sections and if you do not know Warmaster they might give you an idea what Warmaster is all about.

Battle reports

Warmaster pictures

The battle reports use Flash and so give a good impression of the flow of the battle.

First battle report

describes a battle between Agis Neugebauer's Empire army and my Undead horde.

Second battle report

sees Rick Priestley's Orcs fighting my Chaos army.

Pictures of units and models in action:

High Elves

Empire and Undead


An imaginary advertisment campaign.


Scans of single stands:

Scans of stands

Tips and Tactics

Tournament reports and pictures

It's Warmaster not Warhammer

Beginner's guide to army selection

Beginner's guide to painting WM miniatures

About defending against flank attacks

About defending against chariots

London Warmaster Day

Warmaster Staff Tournament

Euro GT 2001

First WPS Warmaster Tournament

WPS Warmaster Grand Tournament

Painting and modelling

Additional rules

Full colour paper buildings

Beginner's guide to painting WM miniatures

Comparison of miniatures of different manufacturers

Campaign rules

Christmas army list

Update - Army generator - Update


The all new AGen

AGen is an online army builder for Warmaster.

It runs under Javascript and works in all HTML5 compatible browsers, so that it can be used on iPads and Android tablets as well as desktop PCs, Macs and Linux boxes.

All Warmaster armylists in the version of 2012 included.


has been updated to 1.03. Solves the problem that when outputting HTML the titles did not match the contens.

jWm is an army generator program for Warmaster and it's derivates.
jWM replaces Am, Wm and MacWm.

jWM is a Java program and runs under Windows, OS X and Linux as long as Java 1.5 or newer is installed.

Because of the increased complexity a rewrite of the application was needed.

Special thanks to Mick Brookes and Mick Mariott for their help.

Warmaster army lists

This contains all the Warmaster data files.

The Deamon, Empire and Dark Elf lists have already been updated on the 16/17 of January.

So you might want to reload them.

Warmaster Extra lists

These are Albion, Withhunters and the other more exotic lists.

Mick Mariott did a great job in creating all those Warmaster lists.
If you find any errors in the lists you can mail him directly. I'm sure your praise will be just as welcome.

Warmaster Ancients army lists

Warmaster Ancients Armies army lists

These zips contain all the Warmaster Ancients and Warmaster Ancients Armies data files.
Mick Brookes did a great job in creating all those lists.
He can be reached by clicking here. Id you find any errors in the lists you can mail him directly. I'm sure your praise will be just as welcome.

I'm aware that the text seems to be repetitive, but I didn't know how to be fair to both of them, who were such a big help and support.

Araby and Dogs of War lists

Claus created lists for the Araby and DoW armies. They are combined in a single Zip.
If you have any comments or questions about the lists mail him here.

And of course there is a links page .



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