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The campaign system is designed to bring players together, play Warmaster and have fun. The goal is playing Warmaster and not to indulge into a complicated campaign system which will be the center of the gaming. Often players spent much more time in making  economic  decision and building an infrastructure instead of building armies and fighting battles. Also campaign systems often lead to battles fought separately and all players together only meeting once in a while. So please keep in mind when you read the rules that the goal of this campaign system is to generate battles and have all players taking all steps of the campaign together. In the web version of the rules you often find designer notes elaborating on that.

The map is designed for 6 to 8 players. If you have a different number of  players, feel free to adapt the size of the map as you see fit.

The rules start on the next page being organized like a flow diagram. The page uses frames. If you despise frames or you prefer a more traditional structure for rules feel free to download the pdf version (see below). The pdf version does not have the designer notes yet. I know that only 3 % of the site's  visitors have a screen with a maximum width of 640 pixels, 37% are users with screens of 800 x 600 pixels and the rest of the users use lager screens. If you set the window to maximum size you will usually have to scroll vertically only to read the designer notes on 800x600 screen and not at all on larger screens. 

Also if you want to have the rules in printed form, you better  download the pdf versions (less than 60k). Please note that the pdf rules are organized differently from the online version and do not contain  the designer notes. The map can be downloaded as a gif (over 600k). 

Download the:

 Rules as pdf file 

 The map as gif file

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