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London Warmaster Day


he first London Warmaster Tournament was held in Ponders End Uniting Church Hall on the 21th of July (2001).

Richard Jones organised the event with help of Shaun and the PEWC club members. 14 players took part, making the LWD the biggest independent (from GW/Fanatic) Warmaster event. The organisation was very good and everybody seemed to have enjoyed the day. As far as I could see all games were conducted in the same friendly and relaxed manner which seems to be a trademark of Warmaster players.

I assume that by the time you read this, Richard will have put some additional photographs and comments on his web site.

The scene was set by a background story of an (too) successful warlord called Nobunga who ran out of worthy opponents and invited the armies of the world to fight him.

His "guests" would have to do so with 1500 points armies and no further limitations given.

The players were divided into 4 teams of players that had played each other often. This is a nice touch because you automatically play against gamers "new" to you. With 3 players per team, two players were left floating.

Team Player Race
White Dave Simpson Empire
  Christian Burnett Chaos
  Erwin Jackson High Elves
Red James Scotland Chaos
  Andy Christian Undead
  Des Undead
Yellow Peter Hillman Dwarf
  Martin Turner Kislev
  Simon Kind Undead
Blue Conrad Gonsalves Orcs and Goblins
  Wayne Rozier Orcs and Goblins
  Tim Read Chaos
Floating Richard Jones Bretonnians
  Stephan Hess High Elves

There were awards given for Best Team, Best General, Best Painting and Best Overall.

All battles were standard battles setting up 80 cm afar, alternating setup of units. But two tables had special rules one being the fight about two narrow bridges.

There was a pretty good mix of armies namely 3 Chaos, 3 Undead , 2 High Elves, 2 Orc and Goblin, and one Empire, Kislev, Dwarf and Bretonnian army each. The only army composition that caught the eye was Chris Burnett's Chaos army with a breakpoint of 8.

My army list
A week before the tournament. I looked at Richards website and choose the race that was used least and I could field a painted 1500 points army of. So I settled for High Elves.

The army list I chose is quite typical for what I use nowadays. About 50% infantry and artillery and 50% cavalry and chariots. On 1500 points I restrain from using flyers or monsters.

I spared the points for an Hero and left home only with General and Wizard, but as a give in, I took an Orb of Majesty.

The army consisted of

Number Unit
1 General with the Orb of Majesty
1 Wizard with the Ring of Magic
3 Spearmen
3 Archers
4 Silver Helms
1 Reavers
2 Chariots
1 Multi-Bolt Thrower


Best Painted:

Erwin Jackson. There were some nice looking armies, but none as nice as Erwin's beautiful High Elves. Runner up were Richard Jones' Bretonnians.

Team event:

Team Players Points
White Dave Simpson, Christian Burnett, Erwin Jackson 35
Red James Scotland, Andy Christian, Des 26
Yellow Pete Hillman, Martin Turner, Simon Kind 16
Blue Conrad Gonsalves, Wayne Rozier, Tim Read 12

Best General:

Name Army Points
Dave Simpson Empire 15
Christian Burnett Chaos 14
Stephan Hess High Elves 13
James Scotland Chaos 11

I will add the rest of the ranking as soon as I get the info.

Overall Winner:

Christian Burnett, the only player who won all 4 games.


Chris' Kislevites (he played Chaos, but wanted to show the Ks off)

James' Chaos painted by Steven Merier

More Photographs

Erwin's High Elves

Richard's Bretonnians

Peters's Dwarves

Wayne's Orcs and Goblins

Battles in progress


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