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EuroGT 2001


his year's EuroGT was held on March 17th and 18th. Being mainly a Warhammer event the EuroGT includes also a Mordheim tournament and this year for the first time a Warmaster tournament.

The rules were designed to have empires consisting of Warhammer and Warmaster players, but both game systems would use different "planes" on the map and interaction between Warhammer and Warmaster would be quite limited.

When we arrived, we learned there would not be the 7 to 8 Warmaster players expected, but only 4. It was obvious to see that the rules as they stood would not work with that small number of players. There wás no fall back plan, so the players and Lex set together and finally agreed on a set of modifications.The next day showed that the Warmaster players would more or less have to organise their own event and after the first two games we decided to stop trying to have a campaign weekend and played a big battle instead. This 4 player game with 2k points each was highly enjoyable.

After dinner Chris Burnett played an internet battle against Gert Hansen. While Chris stood at the table and was able to play himself, Gert saw the table only with the help of a web cam and relayed his orders through David Simpson to Gerald Denk who executed them on the table and did all the dice rolls and measurements. Not surprisingly Chris won, not surprisingly because I think it is quite difficult to get a feel for an battle when all you get are visible clues by an Webcam. But best would be to view (not read) Gert's battle report at the EuroGT site.

On the morning of the secondday two more Warmaster players (Kai and Paulus) turned up and we played some scenarios in the morning and a big battle in the afternoon. But while the 4 x 2k battle was flowing easy and well the 6 x 2k battle was much slower and so the spark didn't really catch.

All in all it was nice weekend and the Warhammer and Mordheim events ran smoothly. But for me an an Warmaster player, it was not really what I expected. It would have been nice, if a fallback plan had existed and/or if we had known before that that there are only 4 players. The fact that the Warmaster players (that's Chris, David, Gerald, Kai and Paul) are such a bunch of mature, nice and understanding players saved the Warmaster part of the tournament of turning into a desaster.

David won the Warmaster painting competition.
There was no tournament, so there are no results for that.


Empire by David Simpson and the Brent Cross Store

Chaos by Chis Burnett

More Photographs

Chaos by Gerald Denk

Orcs by Paulus de Mooy and Kai

Empire by Paulus and Kai


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