Tempores mutantur et nos mutamur in illis



18.05.2003 Updated jWM to Version 1.01.

17.07.2003 Updated the Links page. Dead ones removed and new ones added.

15.06.2003 Gerd Hansen created the army file for the Skaven as introduced in WarMag 17.

05.06.2003 Anthony Snider created the army file for the Witch Hunters as introduced in WarMag 13.

24.11.2002 Slorm le Damne compiled all the Ancientmaster rules and translated them to Spanish. Download the pdf.

07.10.2002 Zac Belado was the first to realize (and tell me) that unit names were trunctated when loaded from a data file. Error corrected in MacWM 1.03.

20.09.2002 Honda Kowabunga created army lists for many different armies from Normans to Samurais.

19.09.2002 Geoff Fabron wrote a number of army lists for Byzantine armies of different periods and their enemies.

16.09.2002 MacWM 1.02 allows the attack value to include letters and solves a Jaguar problem. Goblin army list as featured in Warmag 12 added. Demetrius and Mike Tenison both sent in a dwm file of the Goblin army.
Ken Demyen compiled all Ancientmaster rules and put them into a pdf file and he did a great job.

14.08.2002 MacWM 1.01 corrects errors in the breakpoint handling. Thanks Blake for noticing and telling me.

13.08.2002 Updated WM according to the Annual. Version is 1.45. Uploaded MacWM 1.0.

07.06.2002 The Lizardmen-stats in WM got changed by mistake and are now restored to their original values.

06.06.2002 Cleaned up the Links page. Dead ones removed and new ones added.

23.05.2002 The Dark Elves finally made it into WM. Version is now 1.42.

29.1.2002 Am has been updated to accomodate the changes of special rules. The code has also been updated to the current Wm code.

28.1.2002 Some special rules of Ancientmaster have been updated, thanks to inquiries from happyent.

9.1.2002 Added ads for an imaginary advertisment campaign.

28.11.2001 Gert Hansen created a dwm file of the Wood Elf army list as published in WarMag 8. Copy the file into the folder where the WM program is stored.

17.11.2001 Short report about the WPS Warmaster Grand Tournament added.

14.11.2001 There was an major error in the program code that locked the program up when selecting Bretonians or Lizardmen. Solved. WM version is now 1.41.

14.11.2001 The army breakpoint is now displayed and printed, rules and units are printed on one page. Errors in army selection are indicated not only on the display, but also when in print or html export. The data files now have the suffix bba. The program still opens files with the suffix wma. WM version is now 1.40.

29.9.2001 Cut and paste error in Elephant Mounts for AM-Characters corrected. The AM program was correct.

20.9.2001 Lizardmen army list added to WM. Version is now 1.30.