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Tactics and comments


nce in a while I get questions about certain aspects of the game or tactics. Some of the answers might be interesting for an wider audience. But please remember all comments are strictly IMHO and in no way official. Also talking and reading tactics is difficult as a perfectly well tactic might fail, because of dice rolls or because your opponent has a new tactic to counter yours. Also be prepared that some of the statements are rather .... basic. All documents are always preliminary and bound to change.

This page is also a forum for all other things that does not seem to fit anywhere else.

WPS Warmaster GT (10.11.2001)

LondonWarmaster Day (21.7.2001)

Warmaster Staff Tournament (12.4.2001)

Euro GT 2001 (27.3.2001)

First WPS Warmaster Tournament (18.2.2001)

It's Warmaster not Warhammer (27.12.2000)

About defending against flank attacks (18.12.2000)

About defending against chariots (18.12.2000)


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