Brumbaer / Epic Armageddon / Steam Punk Space Marines

October 2014. The Space Marine army is the one best suited to my playing style. So I started playing Epic Armageddon wit Space Marines. The Lamenters are featured on this web page as well.

I like the Steam Punk imagery and did a Steam Punk Imperial Guard Army in form of a  Praetorian Army. So it was only a question of time that I would do a Steam Punk Space Marine Army.

To the surprise of many players there are no Terminators or Thunderhawks. I rarely use them, so they are way back in the schedule. What I have done yet, are those units I normally use.

The Tinkerers - Steamp Punk Space Marines.

What would a Steam Punk heavy infantry look like. I assume a knight with some portable steam generator. And that is what the Tinkerers look like. There are two sets of Standard Marines, one relaxed the other firing.

And also two sets of Assault Marines, one idle and one moving.

The most important vehicle is the Space Marine Rhino as it forms the base of most other vehicles. The Rhino has a twin steam engine and access hatches at the sides an back. The large brass cogwheels add to the Steam Punk flair. The hunter uses ear trumpet like listening devices instead of a radar.

Predator Anhillator and Whirlwind look a bit squashed, because of the perspective. 

Bikes and Attack Bikes are very close, as the Attack Bike is a Bike with a sidecar bolted on. Small and fast Skimmer designs do not come natural to Steam Punk. In the end I decided on a Twin-Zeppelin design powered by a gas-engine.

I associate Steam Punk flyers with winged ship hulls. The Thunderbolt is powered by a steam engine. The cylinder driving a big cogwheel, which drives a series of smaller cogwheels that drive the impellers. The hull being made of wood and the wings covered with linen.

The Marauder being a bomber, had to be a bit larger. In Steam Punk terms a large flyer is a Zeppelin  or a flying steam ship. Both would be too large if properly scaled. So I choose a dirigible instead of a Zeppelin. Put a big rotor at one end and some bomb racks under it's small wings. Added two gunners in pulpits and that's that.

 I've got enough models to play, but I will add more models over time. Namely Characters, Terminators, Scouts and Thunderhawks. But I use them only rarely, so there is no hurry.