Brumbaer / Epic Armageddon

April 2015. I wanted to try something more round and flowing, something more Luigi (as in Luigi Colani) or in Epic terms more Eldar. This is the result.

 No playing pieces today, but a display piece.

July 2014. From all races the model I have the most of are Orcs. But I had no Orks for Epic - anymore that is, because I gave them away some years back. But now they come back and they come back in strength.

October 2014. The child of two existing armies. The imagery of the Pretorians and the power of the Lamenters.

We have a tradition of big games at religious festivals. Whitsun we played a siege which gave me the chance to put all the latest terrain on the table.

January 2014. Our club does an event at the beginning of every year. This time it would be a big Epic battle. Herer are the rules we used to manage 7 players and 20k points on 3 tables.

Also take a look into the 3D Printing Category. There's a lot of Epic stuff in there.

2013. Gaming material and army cases I made for Eoic. 

Images of my Lamenters Space Marine army. Those who know me, know why Lamenters and me are a match made in heaven.

Images of my Praetorian Imperial army. It started with the idea to use some Baccus British troops as Praetorian infantry. They have a distinct Steam Punk flair, so I got hooked on that and used Dystopian War models to create an Epic Armageddon army with a serious case of Steam Punkity.

Sometime 2013. After Space Marines and Imperium it had to be some aliens. I already had a lot of Eldar from the old days, the choice was not very difficult.