Brumbaer / AGen

AGen is a simple army generator for Epic and Warmaster.

AGen checks your army composition and shows unit profiles, spells, magic weapons and special rules.

It is web based and runs on all HTML 5 compatible browsers. It runs well on tablets and well enough on smartphones taking the small screen into consideration.

The Warmaster army lists are the official GW ones - December 2013.

The Epic lists are NetEA lists from the Tournament Pack 2013-08-07. There is a new army list compendium, but some lists aren't the latest ones, so I wait a bit to see whether there will be further changes.

This link will open the AGen page.

The AGen page is no integral part of this website, as menu, side bar and such would eat up to much of precious screen estate.

 myAGen is a version of AGen that allows you to create custom armylists and to support other game system if you should wish.

While AGen uses only files on my webserver, myAGen hosts some of it's files on your computer. This allows you to change and adapt the to your wants.

A zip file with all files for myAGen can be downloaded from here. In addition the zip file contains a pdf and a sample file describing how to create your own armylist.