Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Avenger

June 2021. After having done the Marauder there were some other projects, but I came finally back to flyers. This time an Avenger. The Avenger looks a bit like the Ju87-G; the tank buster version of the (in)famous Stuka.

I used the Aeronautica model for reference and I assume that is the reason why it's wingspan is 2 inches more than that of the FW model.

The model is a 3d printed resin model. Only exception is the canopy glass and the stand. Both are made from acrylic glass. Crew is two women. The pilot wears a mask, the gunner loves to sniff cordite. The canopies are not glued on yet, because I'm considering repainting them. For one the paint job is rather spotty and secondly grey would fit better in with my other flyers.

I made two of them. The hull is rather slim. That the hull of the one in the background looks a bit squat is due to the perspective.

The Avenger is easily identified by its wing shape and the jets resting in the fold.

The rear fuselage is also quite characteristic and hard to confuse with that of other planes.