Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Mother Hen

April 2020. The Sentinels are finished and look good, so why not do a big one, I mean a really big one, a huge one, a Warhound Titan.

There are a lot of pictures on the net and I have the Adeptus Titanicus model and some old Forge World Epic models for reference.

As every so often I start at the feet. It's a starting point as good as any other and you can see the model grow literally.

I used my trusty B9 printer and my usual choice of resin from Spot-A. As the build space of the printer is rather small, each toe is a single part as is the center part.

Above each foot are three separate leg parts. This gives a lot of freedom in posing the Warhound. The two holes in the fron plates will take two magnets. Those will be used to connect the leg shield. The advantage of magnets is that I can remove the shields for transport and more importantly, if I change the design of the shield, I do not have to print anything else.


A forth part finished the leg. The underbelly is  apart as well as each joint. You may notice that the pistons are stuck in tubes. This allows you to pose the legs without breaking the pistons. To be true I never went the whole Monty and you will have to glue the joints to the under belly. You still can rotate them in the leg reception.

I ordered a new printer for larger parts. Til it arrives I will design the rest of the smaller parts. Namely the head (which is about as large as the B9 can handle) and the arm mounts.

The head went through two iterations as you can see in this picture. The first one was just to stream lined.


The printer is delayed, so I try to print the weapons on the B9. This takes ages as the only way to fit one of them on the build plate is standing them up. If you look closely, you will notice a wavy pattern on the print. The z-axis developed a fault.

Thankfully, the new printer arrived and you can see the difference in print quality.

The project takes on some momentum. The body and the arm mounts are finished.

Followed, by the back. This are three parts; left, right and center.

The shields complete the design. There is the main body shield and the lower and upper leg shields. All leg shields are held in place with magnets.

lI did a very simple paintjob as this is just a transient version, a stepping stone to the final design-.


And that's that. Mother hen to the fighting chicken.