Brumbaer / 3D Printing / The fighting chicken

March 2020. Why doing a Sentinel ? It's not that expensive, it's not that iconic, it's not .... Probably  just to see whether I can.

Despite it's angled surfaces it was quite straight forward to design. I designed the feet, lims, exhaust, cockpit, weapon and weapon-tank to be separate parts.

When the design was only missing the driver and cockpit interior, I decided to print a test-model. With the printer set to 50µm horizontal resolution, the complete Sentinel just fits on the build plate and so I decided to pose the model and print it as one.

 That's what it looks like in the printer-software and on the build plate.

and painted to compare it with the original:

As you can see there is no eagle on the front. The rivets seem a bit small, the skull on the flamer looks a bit odd, but overall it's quite ok.

So version 2 is not really version 2. It has just those things addressed and got a cockpit interior and a driver. I want to print taht on with a higher resolution, so I will have to print it in parts, because the printer traden resolution for build-space.

Here they (and some Catachnesses) are like chicken on the perch waiting to be primed.

The next step was to do some small variations. 

One would be to replace the tub-frame with some meshed canopy.

The other one would be to put the exhausts sideways. This would reduce the silhouette something valued in scout vehicles.

Now I have 6 Scout Sentinels. One original and 5 of mine. More than I will ever need.