Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Ork Village


June 2014. In all Game-Systems I play, Ork(c)s are among my most favorite armies. It's just a matter of time, when I will start an Epic Ork army. Anticipating this and having the printer adjusted for 100µm, I tried my hands at some Ork buildings.

The buildings are inspired by the paper Ork buildings found in the Titan Legions starter box.

The buildings are box shaped with a distinct arab look.

The walls have an irregular texture. Depending on the printer used, it comes out as an "topological map" or some lined bumpy pustules.

But on usual viewing distances it looks like an irregular clay wall.

Using CAD making variants is rather simple, because you do not have to redo the complete building to just add palisades.

In every society some are more equal than others. In Ork society the "more equal" live in towers.

As usual some of the prints failed and were turned into ruins, like that one.

And that's what the village looks like on a battlefield.

I could have done more "different " styles of buildings or even some diorama style buildings i.e. a Mek's workshop like the control tower on the airfield.

But I'm still overwhelmed by the possibilities a 3D printer offers. I still want to try new things and I'm driven to new stuff instead of finding the calm to sit down and do the perfect piece. Probably later that year, or next ... decade