Brumbaer / Epic Armageddon / Lamenters

No Lamenters in this picture. This is my old Space Marine army from the nineties of the last millennium. 

The old man and his retinue in front of their faithful Razorback. The turret is from a 1:700 scale destroyer.

At one point the army fitted in a  tin box. Using a tin box made sense as all models have magnets for easy storage. I started out with a Battle Company, some Whilrwinds and Land Raiders.

I'm one of the few players playing a ground force of marines instead of the ever present drop lists, but there are models that I can't resist.

An old landing craft.

Those were the days when you still got some clump of tin for your money. 

Clear bases made from acrylic glass. The hole in the center takes the magnet

The army case I made from MDF.

The drawers have metal floors, so the miniatures magnets have something to cling to.

3 small drawers, 1 deep compartment for titans and other large models and 1 compartment with spacers for gaming material like markers, dices, templates and tape measure.

Objectives, barrage templates (note the smaller template, which is in fact 3 combined templates, which can take all legal positions for multiple barrage templates), blast, shield and damage markers.

The Captain of the bikes.

Bikes and dreadnoughts.


Thunderhawks and landing craft.

Thunderbolts and Marauders.


Group photo.

The complete army in May 2013. The buildings are the paper building, which you can find on this webpage.

The complete army in March 2014. Note the Forge World and 3D printed additions and replacements .