Brumbaer / Epic Armageddon / Orks

July 2014. From all races the model I have the most of are Orcs. But I had no Orks for Epic - anymore that is, because I gave them away some years back. But now they come back and they come back in strength.

To get them finished quickly I set myself a very tight schedule by making an appointment for a game; 3k points in three weeks. This has been ambitious already, but when I decided to do a full custom army, with all models designed and printed at home, i started to wonder wether I leaned out to much.

Any way I managed, finishing 4 hours early. And it were 4450 points instead of just 3k. The reason being that I fill up the build plate of the printer and so I usually end up with some models more. When I change designs at some point I use the "obsolete" models to add some variety to my army instead og throwing them away.

More about the 3d design/printing side of the Ork army can be found here.

All of them Orks.

Bikes and Skorchas. There are three types of bikes and 4 types of drivers, while the Skorchas are all of the same design. 

Stormboyz and Deathkoptas. 8.5 different Stormboyz allow you to create some quite orky bases. There is only one Deatkopta type, but there are stands in 4 different heights, breaking up the unorky order.

Big Gunz and Bing Gunz Zap. There are 5 different ordinary gunz and one zap gun. Each gun has a crea of two, which come out of a pool of 8 different models.

Shhoty Stompas. Three body forms and three different heads combined with a backpack or not allow for 18 combinations. Right now there is only one arm option for each arm, but I will add an close combat arm later,

Fighta Bommas. 2.5 types. One with the pilot riding the plane like a bike, and one with a canopy. The struts of the canopy are so fine that I had dem completely removed on some planes - which creates half of a new plane type.

Diverse Gunwagons. First I planned to use some tanks as Gunwagons, but found them not orky and not fast looking enough.

Gunwagon and Gunwagon with Zap Gun. The same vehicle with three different "turrets".  The Zap Gung basically being just another turret.

Gunwagon or Battlewagon and Flakwagon. The Gunwagons have a crew of two or three.

Some more shots.

 I was only able to finish the project within 3 weeks, by heavily reusing elements.The Fighta Bomma is basically the Saracens Jet engine, with wings, weapons and pilot 

The wagons, being build on the same chassis, the Bikes and Skorcha sharing the driver and front-wheel/steering assembly, the Big Gunz types differing usually only in the shield and so on.