Brumbaer / Epic Armageddon / Whitsun at the Club

June 2014. At the Siemens Tabletop Club we have a tradition of big games at religious festivals. Whitsun we played a siege which gave me the chance to put all the latest terrain on the table.

We had decided on kind of siege action. 6k Eldar attacking 5k Imperial. About 2/3 of the points in a fortress and 1/3 positioned as rearguard.

The table consisted of two ordinary tables joined at the small side.

The fortress would be at one end the Eldar would enter on the other end. In each turn only one general with his 2k of troops would enter the battlefield.

The defenders set up in the fortress and in forward "rear positions", namely the Ork village and the airfield.

Walls could only be penetrated by Titan killer weapons and would have DC6 each.

There were 4 point defences on the wall. 2 were treated as Volcano cannons and two as hydras.

They couldn't be destroyed, but when controlled by the enemy in the endphase, they would not be able to fire in the next turn.

All would be activated together, but when put on overwatch each weapon could resolve overwatch on it's own.

The lay of the land - attackers view

The lay of the land - defenders view

Aerial reconnaissance

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.


Waiting for a plane to catch ?

Inteplanetray - Imperials attacked by Eldar in an Ork dwelling

All well on the Eldar front.

The only flyer in 11000 points.

Race me to the fortress

Skimmers don't need airfields, they conquered it anyway.

A massive artillery strike weakened the defenders, than the Raider landed behind the wall, survived the AA fire and unloaded some Guardians that wiped the walls clean by attacking from behind.

Next turn the Scorpions took out the artillery, which in turn forced the enemy to surrender.

The Eldar players restricted their choice by forgoing multiple/teleport drop units and used only one Storm Serpent to be used with two Guard Units. Allowing the latter only because we lacked Wave Serpent models. Still the army list of the imperial players was not up to the task. Lacking enough artillery and a Deatstrinke and/or Titans, the Imperial Guard was relatively easily overrun. We will probably play that again with switched roles and/or new armylists.

We spent about 6 hours playing including a short lunch break. After the game we went to a restaurant to have dinner together.

All in all a relaxed and enjoyable Saturday.