Brumbaer / Epic Armageddon / Biel-Tan

Sometime 2013. After Space Marines and Imperium it had to be some aliens. I already had a lot of Eldar from the old days, the choice was not very difficult. I like the old models better than the new ones and they are easier to tell apart on the table. As the current army lists uses different models as the list of old, there have to be some stand ins and conversions.

The paint shame is very simple, I wanted to get ready to play as soon as possible. Of course the argument - it's a bit plain, but I will add some decals later - was as hollow as usual. After nearly a year still noch decals to be seen anywhere.

The host in all it's glory.

The Avatar and Fire Dragons and Bikes can be seen at the top of the page. This are the mundane infantry.

Fire Prism and Doom Weavers. The Fire Prism are just themselves, while the Doom Weavers stand in for Night Spinners.

Vibro Cannons as Support Weapons Platforms and Wraithlords that might also stand in as Warwalkers.

Conversion for Storm Serpent and Void Spinner.

Tempests for Scorpions, Firestorms for Firestorms, Objectives and some Warphunters and Nightwings, the last one are used as whatever I want to field, but don't have it.

It's a bit embarrassing, but I forgot to add a picture of the Revenants. So here it is:

What's missing:

Obviously the list is short on Aspect Warriors. I'm actively looking for them, but do not want to pay through the nose for them. I prefer to field units with one type of Aspect Warrior only, so I need a lot of them. Will probably have to make my own.

Probably some Wave serpents - probably not.

Definitely some flyers.

Some Wraithguard.

Real Walkers. I have the models already, just have too paint them.

Some Rangers would be nice.

A large Titan or two.

The point is, I really do not miss them. I have all I need for the way I play. So it might take some time until I add further units.