Brumbaer / Epic Armageddon / Praetorian Army

In the fron my favorites - Rough Riders. Behind them a infantry regiment and a mechanized regiment plus some support teams. Manticores, Leman Russ and Hydras. Later I replaced the Hydras with different models.

Different view.

Rough Riders - yeah.

Heavy weapon teams.


Leman Russ and "than Hydras".

The infantry in all it's glory.

Shadow Swords and "than Sentinels". The only GW/Forge World miniatures so far.

Slightly from the top.

Big boys added - to be used as Warhounds, but they can easily stand in as Warlords.

Time to heat up those boilers.

All together now.

Some new stuff, Thunderhawks, Marauders, Valkyries, Deathstrikes, new Hydras and Objectives.

Zoom right

Zoom left

The army in sepia.

New camera with lots of resolution. That's the complete image. Right click and open it in a separate window.

That's a crop showing mapping camera pixel to screen pixel.