Brumbaer / Epic Armageddon / Acessories

Clear bases made from acrylic glass. The hole in the center take the magnet


Objectives, barrage templates (note the smaller template, which is in fact 3 combined templates, which can take all legal positions for multiple barrage templates), blast, shield and damage markers.


The army case I made from MDF.


The drawers have a velour covered metal floor, so the miniatures magnets have something to cling to, while still looking classy.


3 small drawers, 1 deep compartment for titans and other large models and 1 compartment with spacers for gaming material like markers, dices, templates and tape measure.

In the meantime I switched to a system made from aryl glass. As usual velour covered metal floors.


The boxes can be mounted in a rack. So they are easier to transport. You put your armies in this transparent boxes and put them on shelves. When you go gaming, you just take the appropriate boxes and mount them in the rack.


For Napoleonic models I did some wodden boxes - found them more fitting somehow. As usual velour covered metal sheets used for floors.