Brumbaer's AsoiafBase S04 20.02.2024
This is a hobby project and not endorsed by CMON or the game designers.

Click icons to restrict search to Faction and/or Card Type. No selection is equivalent to select all, otherwise the hilighted factions/types are searched.

the Textfield allows fulltext search. The search is caseinsensitive, Guard is the same as guard. The text will be matched only if identical.
I'm here will not match I'm   here or I'm not here

Search for values: You can search for certain values. The value must follow the= directly no space in between.

Words only: The Search Phrase jon will return cards with Jon Snow as well as cards with Greatjon Umber. If you want to search for a complete word you can enclose it in "". ""jon"" will only find cards with jon on it, but not greatjon or such.

No Fluff: If the searchtext includes nofluff or no fluff the quotes and lore will not be checked.

When you select Hide back of card, nofluff will always be active.

Search Phrases: Usually the text you enter in the search field is the Search Phrase. The Search Phrase is what is searched for. It has to be matched letter by letter and space by space.

Sometimes you want to search for something or other. You will need two Search Phrases for that. You will enter something||other. The || makes the app search for something or other

Using && instead of || will only find cards that have both. Something &&other thing will find cards that have Something followed by a space (because spaces always count) and other thing on their card.

If you have multiple || and/or && the will be handled from left to the right. Just as you do it with + and minus in math.

If you want to change the order you use [] (square brackets), just as you would use brackets in math. a&&[b||c] will first do the b||c.

If the first letter in a Search Phrase is the !, the Search Phrase must not be found on the card. Jaime&&!Kingslayer will find Jaime's card that do not have Kingslayer on it.

Nothing found: If there are no cards shown, there will be none matching. This might be because you made a mistake in your Search Phrase. Usually something like "jon" instead of ""jon"".

Printing: The cards can be printed out, if your browser supports this. Google Chrome works fine, Safari doesn't.

The papersize is supposed to be A4 in landscape mode. On my printer (Canon G5000) I can print doublesided. For that reason the front and back face of cards are on successive pages and the cards on the second page are rotated. You might need to shift the position of odd and even pages to make front an back fit. That can be done by entering the amount in mm into the boxes beside the search text.

Note to me: On 100% set both page tops to 5. On 96% to 9.25 (dot not comma).

Regardless some printers like my HP laser printer will not be able to match front of back, because the paper feed is so bad that the paper will always be slightly rotated. If you do not print doublesided you can ignore all that.

Tactic cards will always be printed twice, because you need two of each. Tactic cards will be printed with a generic Song of Ice and fire backside. If you print single sided, you do not need to print the pages containing those.

So if you buy a new box, just enter the name of the box or its article number, and you can print all cards needed for the miniatures in this box.

There is a new feature. If you paste the gibberish exported from WarCouncil into the text box. The list will be converted into a searchterm.

Not new, just not mentioned before are shift click and command (Whatever that is on windows) click. If you shift click a card it will be added to the searchterm. If you command click a card it's removal will be added to the searchterm.

PWA: This website is a Progressive Web App. If your browser is supporting it, you can use that feature to run AsoiafBase locally without internet access once it has bee cached.