Second Battle Report

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After all the positive response there was no excuse not to do a second battle report.

When I went to Nottingham for the Warhammer GT there was the opportunity to have a game with Rick.

As Warmaster gets better the bigger the armies we decided on 2k points which is a good compromise between size and game length. It was obvious that Rick  would choose his green skins, this saved me from finishing my Orc army in a painting frenzy and  I took my Chaos army instead, mainly because I like the models.

We played in the studio and Alessio was so kind and took some notes and acted as referee.

The report on the following pages uses Flash, Java, Javascript and Frames.

It was one of those Thursdays, one of those rainy Thursdays. You sit in your chair and watch the time go by, waiting for the weekend. The rain gets on your nerves and drains out all your energy. The last virgin has been sacrificed on Tuesday and there will be no new supply until the rain stops, no torture scheduled until Monday and even the raw hearts seem tasteless. Sometimes life is hard for the followers of Chaos.

I sat in my favorite swivel chair made of bones and men hide, leaning back hands behind my head and feet resting on the back of a slave. She didn't cry out when I shifted my feet even so I bruised the still open wounds of this morning's flogging, might be she's really tough, might be she has real self control, might be she can't cry because I had her tongue cut out.

I just wondered whether to finish of the reminder of the last heart or starting a fresh one, when the door opened.

I didn't move, just watched the door and there she was: Blond hair, tall, slim figure, rounded at just the right places clad in black leather, just like a dream come true, but she had spelt trouble all over her. I bet the tattoo maker had made a fortune on that.

"I've heard your a tough guy" she said with a hoarse whisper that made the hair in my neck stand.

"Mmm Mmm" I managed to answer and made an immediate mental note to get the money back from my rhetoric course.

"I need some Orc skulls for a special sacrifice."

"Mmm Mmm" I replied sticking with the plot that seemed to work.

"Best would be some of the archetype 7"

"Do you have a photograph ?"

"What's a photograph."

"I wouldn't know, it seemed just the right thing to say."

"Nevertheless, bring 200 skulls and I'm sure at least one of them is a type 7. Can you go and get them ?"

" I'll get 20 fresh hearts and 5 virgin slaves a day plus expenses"

"Done, when will you start ?" she asked.

"As soon as the rain stops."

"Good"  she said, raised both hands to heaven and made  the rain stop.