First Battle Report

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Agis was the first one in my regular gaming group to join me in my enthusiasm for Warmaster. He has started an Empire army and has already completed painting about 1500 points.

I always wanted to write an battle report and Agis volunteered to support me.

My current Warmaster table has a strong Khemri theme, so my choice would be Undead against his Empire and to show off all his beautiful models we set the size to 1500 points.

We decided on a set of 3 games, the first one being an open battle  is the one described here. If enough interest exists we will report also about the other two, which are played as  two linked scenarios.

The background story can be found on the right. A typical Fantasy setup.

The report on the following pages uses Flash, Java, Javascript and Frames.

Far away to the South in the  Land of Sand, there lies the town of F'ar R'emote. F'ar R'emote would be a top contender for the most unknown town in the world if it had not been for the Master Liche I'rise Dad, who decided to make it the home of his Great Pyramid.

I'rise Dad was quite busy traveling the known world, spreading terror and transforming the living to the dead and the dead to the undead. When I'rise Dad was finally killed on one of his business trips his spirit returned immediately to the Pyramid and shortly after his bodily remains followed, carried by some  faithful acolyte. Dark rites were invoked to establish a link with the spirit and force it back into it's  body. But the acolyte was neither strong nor experienced enough to do so and now the spirit has to roam the Pyramid forever. Making the best from the worst followers of the dark arts from all over the world visit the Pyramid and seek wisdom and guidance from the spirit of I'rise Dad and they bring gifts and sacrifices. One of those was the Heart of Gold an ancient artifact in the possession of the house Neugebauer for generations, but stolen in a dark and stormy night by a dark knight storming into the Great Hall of castle Neugebauer and taking the artifact as a item to trade for guidance from I'rise Dad.

At the shortest notice Count Neugebauer raised an army with all troops available and set out to reclaim the Heart of Gold.

Naturally this was not the stealthiest of operations and when the  army was reported to cross into the Land of Sand, Tomb King B'rum a Baer sent out a force to stop Count Neugebauer, before he and his troops would reach the Pyramid.

As we all know the Undead are not that fast and so they were not able to intercept Count Neugebauer on his way, but were just able to meet  him directly on the field between F'ar R'emote and the Pyramid.