Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Squats

April 2018. We will hold the EEC (European Epic Championship) in September and the organizer was asked, whether he would allow the use of two Epic-UK armylists for covering two armies for which no approved NetEA lists existed. He aske me about my opinion and I told him I would have to test the list first. And I needed some models to do this. And that is how I came to a Squat army.


Iron Eagles

I started with Iron Eagles, because it was the unit I had a vision of. I find the "Hell Angles" style of the GW squats not fitting, and I also didn't want them to be Dwarfs in Space. I just wanted them to be a sort of Imperial Army made of squat soldiers. The Iron Eagle should look more like a Russian Battle Helicopter, less like a Fantasy Dwarf Airboat.

I tried to give all models the armament as stated in the rules.



The Overlord is basically made by joining 2 Iron Eagles and stretching them. The composition has been converted to a Quadcopter, giving it a distinct shape.


Thunderfire and Rhino

I like the the Thunderfire cannons. They a surprisingly versatile. Looking at the stats, they remind me of an 88.

The models look the part. They are very high, because the models are designed so that the barrel could point straight to heaven. The barrel did pivot and swivel until I trenched it with wash. The models had been designed ahead of the infantry, so there is no crew yet.

The Rhino is a standard Rhino, without insignia.


Mega Cannon

This is the second try of my first Squat Warengine. The first one was more like an armoured howitzer. It was terrible. This design looks more like a Mega Cannon and still looks fragile enough to show why it has a save of 6+ besides being a gigantic warmachine.

The weapon is a seperate piece and there are two versions of missiles being fired.



Like the other miniatures the model features all the main weapons listed in the profile. The battle cannon is mounted in an modified Predator turret. The twin Lascannons and mounts are from the Landraider. The Main Cannon ist derived from the Mega Cannon. The chassis itself is a stretched Landraider chassis with a custom superstructure to hold the MegaCannon and give some additional space for passengers. This creates a familiar imperial look.



The infantry is really squat.They are much wider and shorter than ordinary infantry models. I decided to do them as "ordinary" semi-modern infantry, no Dwarfs and no Southern Bikers. They carry Lasguns and Missile Launchers. The 6+ save is due to a flak vest.

There are 6 different models in total; 3 with Lasguns and 3 with Missile Launchers.

The Hearthguard models have a slightly better armor, but are no Marines. They have no Missile Launchers nor Lasguns, but some short ranged weapon. I gave them a rather stiff round armor thing reminiscent of WWI armor, and the helmet is no longer open, but has a metal visor.

I put the LasCannon of the Rapier on a chassis which is remote controlled by an soldier. He is joined by two comrades to fill up the base.

The Warlord stand consists of a Heartguard weaponsteam (2 guys and an Autocannon) and two guys in traditional costume to stand in for Warlords and other characters.


First army

At this point I hadenough models for a test game. These were all the models printed so far. So my armylist was driven more by the models available than strategic cunning.


Land Train

The single most iconic model in the Squat army would be the Land Train.

I decided to design the engine in the tradition of a steam engine. The term Land Train, just cries for a steam engine.

The carriages are all based on the same model. Two types have turrets and two types have parts of the roof cut away to allow some mortar or howitzer to be mounted.