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October 2017. New minis for Epic Armageddon. I didn't see this coming.I was asked if I could lent some Land Raiders, said yes and realised too late that I hadn't that many. So I made some, keeping close to the design of GW's Epic Land Raiders. They were good enough and I wondered how far I would be able to increase the detail level and so I tried to model some vehicles with a detail level comparable to the 28mm models GW produces.

That's what came out of it:


Land Raider

I started with the Land Raider, as I had just done one. 

The number and Wolfhead are decals, everything else is modelled including the eagle. The model is 35.5mm long. At some time I did a version with pivoting Lascannons, but in the end I choose to fix the cannons, because mounting the weapons was very fiddly. The Twin Heavy Bolter and the 2 large hatches are separate pieces allowing some additional variation.


Predator Annihilator

The second main battle tank of Space Marines is the Predator. It comes in two flavours: Anti Tank in form of the Annihilator and Vlose Combat Support as Destructor.

I started with the Annihilator, because it features strongly in my typical army list.Looking at the tracks, you can see that I leaned a bit heavy on the spray can.



I'm probably the only one using Whirlwinds and I love them.

There are variants withe raised and straight launchers and even one firing missiles. The hatch is a separate piece and with the non-firing versions the launcher as well.



In games terms a very expensive AA tank, based on the Rhino with some additional armour.

The weapon is a seperate piece and there are two versions of missiles being fired.


Land Speeder

Now something completely different. There are two version with minor differences and two heights of stands. The crew has studded shoulder pads.



It's rare that I do larger models, but once in a white.... The armylist called for some Warhounds. The GW Warhounds are ok, but I like the Forgeworld style better.  At the beginning I designed the head to look like the FW one, but later on I changed that to a wolf-head to be in style with the army.


The weapons are separate models and fastened with magnets, which allows them to be exchanged and to pivot. The hip is a single piece with stubs to mount the legs and torso. When the legs are "posable" the feet have to be separate parts as well. All in all a Warhound consists of 7 pieces. There are 4 different legs. Each can be used s right or left leg. Right now there are only the two standard weapons, more might follow.

As an afterthought I should have mounted the torso to the hip by using magnets instead of an pin. 


Predator Destructor

For a different list I needed a Predator Destructor so I designed some. Which was quite straight forward after having done the Annihilator earlier. WIP.


All together now

Some group shots - without Destructors,