Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Epic Knights

August 2016. The Orks wore me down. I'm not unsuccsessful with the Orks, but they are not really good at anything and are not even cheap. When you compare what you get for your points and compare it with any other army, you always feel cheated.

So something new. I try something a bit more annoying for a change. Knights. They have their share of special rules and are able to deal a punch, not as fast as Orcs or Space Marines, but faster than Titans or Skitarii.



The backbone of any Knight army are the Paladins and Errants.

The Paladins are the guys with the Chain Sword, the guys with the gauntlet are Errants.

Designwise they remind you to the newer GW models. They are quite different from the old Epic models.

When I started I had some ornaments on the legs and shoulder, but removed them to give a cleaner look.

If you're a damsel in distress, you will - obviously - call a knight.

Let's say, you ran out of that (you know which one) red nail varnish and the Imperial Soiree will start in just twelve hours - a Knight Errant would be a sensible choice, with the big hand of his, he's just perfect for fetch and carry type errants - guess where he got his name from.

Let's say, you're not sure whether that red nail varnish, will be appropriate for the occasion, you'll call a Paladin, well versed in anything related to the Emperor, guess where he got his name from.

But let's say you have some distress caused by a monster in your closet or a chaos spawn rampaging through your dungeon or a mother-in-law trying to settle in, who do ya gonna call ?

The Heavies

They are even cleaner and smoother than Paladin and Errant, the body armour encloses the torso, there is also some additional protection to the upper leg. The helmets are grimmer and the models are 10% larger than the other knights.


The Wardens are basically Heavies with lighter armament. I thought about giving them their own design, but couldn't find any excuse for doing so. They just seem to be Heavies with lighter weapons.

These are all from the Flak variant, it's the only one I find really useful. Might be that I change that opinion, once I have more practice playing Knights.


If you want a Supreme Commander, you will have to pay through the nose - 200 Pts for a Baron. Whether he is worth it is for you to decide. I did a model anyway. I based him on the Heavies, because that guy can afford the best money can buy.



Rough Riders

Rough Riders are an all time favourite of mine. Well suited to one single task, but cheap for it. Usually they are mounted on horses and the first idea was to design them as man-at-arms on horses. But when you think about it, they would train for their later life in one of those walking machines. Riding a hore wouldn't really prepare them for that. SO I decided to give them some light walker, a bit of a man-at-arms uniform and lances for good measure.

There is a second set of Siege Breakers in the works. .They will have a bit more of a fighting stance.

Anti aircraft

Those anti aircraft guns started their lives as howitzers, but were later redesignated. They are just simple long barrelled guns with a crew of 4. The crew has the same outfit as the riders.



The new howitzers are short barrelled, more squat and massive. The'ye got tracks instead of wheel to add to that heavy and clumsy feel.



That's what the army looked before the Howitzers were added:

What's missing right now are the traktors to tow the artillery around. And I might replace the Forgeworld Thunderbolts with something more knightly.