Brumbaer / 3D Printing / More Ogres for KOW

November 2015. Here we go again. Enough of those shooty Ogres. Let's have something different, a shooty mammoth.

Of course a mammoth isn't really shooty, but KOW gives you the option to put an ballista on top of it, so I took it.

The mammoth.

It's the largest model I have designed in a very long time. Probably the largest, but surely the heaviest.

To make printing - which was a PITA first, but went very well once I  knew how to do it - easier, I made the model hollow. But because of the way the model was hollowed out there was no hole for the resin to escape. After printing I drilled two holes in the model to drain the resin. When drained the mammoth had literally lost half it's weight.

The model fills the horicontal buildspace of the printer. I had to curl the tusks stronger than I wanted to, to fit the mammoth in the buildspace.

That's the first try, my test model to get a feel for the model. There are many things I notice on the printed model, which I do not notice on the model on the computer screen.

When painting the model I will notice further details, flaws etc. 

On this model i.e. the eyes are to far to the front, the hair-do on top is to regular, the bolt-rack looks like a fighter planes rocket storage, the sides of the howdah support structure look a bit empty.


Mammoth the second

The second version has all those corrected. In addition the stance changed to the pose of a threatening elephant. It's not quite that impressing, because of the small ears a mammoth possesses.

The mahut got some support in form of a mammoth-whisperer riding on a tusk. The crew have taken their bows on board. The main supply of bolts got bundled, while the 5 bolt rack at the back will give quick access during battle.

The fur looks a bit flat on the image, it looks better in real.

Hussah here come the Hussars

The army needs some fast troops and the only fast troop available in an Ogre army are Goblin scouts..

Mounted scouts in napoleonic terms are light Dragoons, mounted Jaeger or Hussars. I choose the Hussars, because they are the most iconic ones..

The normal choice of mount would ahve been wolves with Squiggs as a close second. But I wanted something more British, to fit with the army style.

If you call them giant pugs or oversized bulldogs, doesn't really matter. They are ugly and vicious, sadly enough not in game terms .



That should finish the non Ogre contingent of troops. Here they are in all their splendor. I most likely will never field two mammoths, but I would never dream of giving one away.

The mammoth is a nice enough model, but I like the Hussars better, I just prefer fancy dressing Goblins over big hairy arch-enemies of china shops.