Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Ogres for KOW

October 2015. Second army for KOW - Ogres. While I could fill up most slots in the Goblin army with old Warhammer models, my Warhammer Ogres are not up to it.

I decided to not fill up the existing army, but to create a new one. I was sure I'd learn something on the way.

Not really surprising a 55mm Ogre is quite different from designing a 7mm Space Marine.



The army

I decided to create an army in the look of the British Napoleonic army, with red vests, grey trousers and Belgian Shako. The green stand is what I usually design.

In total there are 4 different poses each for privates and officers. Privates and Officers also have 4 different faces. The privates also have different pieces of armor added to give a bit more variety and a bit of Fantasy flair.

The Boomers proofed to be to short ranged, so I added some long range fire support- In KOW terms these are called Shooters. Shooters are equipped with large crossbows.

Their uniform has been inspired by the British Rifles. While doing the miniatures I realized that many, probably most Fantasy-miniature designers do not care about functionality. Their ranged weapons have neither ammunition nor a way to reload the weapon.

I found it quite intriguing and in the end the Boomers got a basket full of shot and sacks of powder, a pouch for flint and a rammer for reloading. The Shooters have bolts in a quiver-basket and a lever for cocking the crossbow. Finding a space for it, was not easy because of it's form. 




No Oger army without Goblins. After doing some Ogres I decided to design also some Goblins. I sticked to a basic Night Goblin design, with some Shakos thrown in for good measure. For the Goblin Blaster I didn't follow the standard cart with powder line, but choose to do something a little weirder - a sea mine on land.

That's all I've come up with so far. Too many boomers. They have to be replaced with something else.


The print

Most Ogres are printed using the B9-Black-Resin and some are printed using Spot-HT with additional pigment. Once they are primed you can not see any difference. I started wit a print resolution of 30xy and 30z, but this allowed me to print only one model at a time. Early on I switched to 50xy 25z to be able to print 3 Ogres at once. If you do not know what to look for, you will not see a difference.

These are printed in B9-Black.


Here some Goblins

Just before the end I ran out of Blck Resin and mixed it with some Cherry. Those models look larger than the black ones - until primed.

Here you can see them together with a Goblin Blaster in Spot-HT and the two prototype Goblins. They shoot ahead, not up and one of them wears the original Ogre Shako, which was later replaced with a scaled down version, because the large one got alwas in the way.

The Shooters fresh from the US bath before removing the supports.

The supports are needed to support overhangs, which could otherwise not be printed..



I find the design of large models quite different from designing small ones. I'm not sure that I should find that surprising.

As always as soon as I see them painted, I can see some design deficiencies, I didn't spot before. The knobby knees on the first set of kneeling warriors, lack of detail on epaulettes and the sleeves. I should have worked more with folds and creases. At least one of the faces it too ... whatever. Those have to be booked as missed opportunities, because I need the miniatures for a tournament and I do not have the time to redo them. But as Arnie said "I'll be back"..