Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Goblin Trombone for KOW

August 2015. Warhammer Fantasy is gone. Age of Sigmar may be a lot of things, but definitely no replacement for Warhammer. Kings of War is just getting it's second revision and stands ready to try to fill the void left by WFB's demise.

One of my favorite Warhammer armies were Orcs and Goblins more exactly Goblins only. Nearly 20 years ago I started to field only Goblins, which was at that time unusual to say the least. KOW offers a Goblin army list, so the process to choose a KOW army was straight forward.

Most models for a Goblin-KOW-army have equivalent GW models. One of the models without a suitable proxxy is the Trombone.

To make sure the Trombone fits my old WFB models, I decided to do my own.


The Trombone

The Trombone is a large Blunderbuss. The design takes its lead from the Mantic design.

The crew is meant to fit the 20 year old Warhammer Gobbos. The guy on the left was the first try. The other guys are final versions. I started wit an operator only, but Mantic specifies a 50mm square base for warengines and a single operator and his trombone look lost on such a large base. So They will be complemented with a loader miniature.

The guy on the left in the last row was the first printed version. As you can see the face and especially the nose are wider and the shoulders of the robe are different.

All in all I'm content with the design. I can print three trombones with crew in one go. Not fast enough for mass production, but fast enough for my personal demand.