Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Epic Airfield



April 2014. Staying with terrain the newest project is an airfield. A place of calm for the planes to return home to after a day full of noise and violence.

The final goal is to have a complete city table. Part will be covered by the fortress and an other one by the airfield. The advantage of an airfield games-wise ist the whitespace it offers. It's part of the city but has some space to allow even tank companies to maneuver.

This is a possible setting. Probably a bit wide spread.

One of the things you expect to find at the airfield are hangars.

They all have the same shape. Basically they are designed like the main part of the fortress buildings, but more squat. They are lower and have a big door. There are 3 door types. Two very small ones, you can use for open hangars and a big door for closed hangars. The doors don't have to be glued in, so you could show the same hangar with open or closed doors.  You can also see the three airfield vehicles, a pusher (which really doesn't make sense with this kind of plane), a fuel track and a utility truck. There is a generator truck, which can be found on some of the other images.

The landing pad has already be shown in the fortress project, but it belongs to an airfield. So here it is again.

 There are different kinds of containers, barrels and weapon pods to be found. Some you can see in the next picture. There is also an aa-tower and an aa-emplacement.

The emplacement in big, very big.

 Some more luggage, landing pad and a generator vehicle passing the main building.

The main building has different front and back. While the fron is all windows, the back has doors and ramps for handling goods. The doors are in fact metal color, which doesn't show well in the photograph. The white specks are a putty which holds the roof in place. I'm nor sure about it, so I didn't glue it on. The putty is removable and it comes in all colors you might want, as long as it will be white. In the back you can see one of the radar towers.

 Talking about backsides. This is what the back of a hangar looks like.

At last a strafing run like shot.

Overtowering everything - the control tower.

The control tower is the first building to get some interior.

When freshly printed the model is in a shiny yellow. When photographed you can not make out any details. I converted the image to sepia, so you can get an idea what the raw model looks like.

Some impressions of the printed interior. I will use overhead foil as window glass and the slits in the "window frame" will hold it in place.