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April 2014. Thumbwrench

Some people report difficulties finding the right pressure to the build table when calibrating it.

This never posed a problem for me, but I found the fastening of the screws annoying.

I'm not the youngest and I find it tedious to fasten the screws. Mainly, because the wrench can not be turned 360 degrees, and my eyesight is bad and my fingers are big and I find it tedious to fiddle with the wrench in confined places where I can't really see where and in which orientation the wrench has to fit.

Please understand that this is no major problem, just one of those small, nibbling problems which get overblown, because they occur repeatedly in an otherwise smooth process.

So I printed some Thumb-wrenches.

I put them onto (or is it into ?) the screw, before mounting the build table on the arm.

When the table is in place, I use the thumb-wrenches to fasten the table. This is no metal, so you will realize that the material starts to bend. When this happens (and before you break them :) ) you stop and fasten the next one.

After removing the table, you take the thumb wrenches out and fasten the screws for good using the original wrenches, which is easy to do when you can turn the build table in any direction and the wrench can turn 360 degrees.

This makes the process much more comfortable for me.

The stl can be downloaded by clicking on the image in the side bar.