Brumbaer / 3D Printing / San Thebastion


March 2014. No Bastion is an isle. So I started on a fortress which fits the Bastion in style.

The obvious name for the fortress is San Thebastion.

I started out with a standard castle design, but found it to be too "Fanatsy".


I decided on a design as close to the Bastion as possible and even do some Bastion like towers for the wall. These stretch the printers build space to the limit.

The first stage of the castle. Half Bastions as tower elements. In this stage there are straight sections, double straight sections, 72° inward corners, 18° inward corners, 72° outward corners and a door section.

The funny hats fresh from the printer.

To give the Bastion a more gothic feel I added some small towers with thin tall roofs.

The "Türmchen" (German belittling form of tower) are separate pieces and can be put on special wall sections, the Bastion or wherever they find a place.

Usually roof tiles would be done with a texture and a bump map, but only geometry can be printed. So there is a lot of polygons in this model. Most of them roof.

Through the looking gate.

My largest 3D print so far. The main part of the Big Building. The stairs will be added in the front and the rear is made up by one of the wall-towers.

The landing platform and the old and the new house. The old(left) and new(guess) house only differ in the centre door and the stairs.

This shot shows the stocky proportions of the building.

A fortress layout using all but two parts that I have printed so far.

The Big Ones fresh from the printer. With hind sight I would have chosen a more neutral mount for the weapons, something like tripod or a layette instead of a concrete slab.

A group shot with some Marines to get a feeling for the proportions and size.

The base fits nicely into the battlement I designed for the little towers with funny hats,

The gatling variant.  This is the same weapon as on the stalker. You can fit two point defenses on this kind of tower.

The Big Ones, something like a Battle Cannon or an Earthshaker. The paint shame is a lighter denser gray with a bit of a shine, to make a subtle difference to the stone work.

The objects were printed with 100µm horizontal and 50µm vertical resolution. You can clearly see the steps, but they are not very obtrusive.

A Vierling (Quad). Represents any kind of AA weapon - or probably an dual linked laser - or whatever else you always wanted to have, but were afraid to ask for.