Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Epic Objective Counters



February 2014. One of the first things I printed after getting the B9Creator were some objectives for my Eldar army. Not long after I added some objectives for my Impies.

My ELdar army is based on the old Space Marine (the game) models. They are rounder and less craggy than the newer ones. So I opted for some smooth and preferably rounded buildings.

When doing those models, i increased vertical resolution from 50µm to 31.7µm to finally 25µm. Each step reducing the stepping lines on the models surfaces.

At one point I had to refine the mesh of the models to be able tp benefit from the increased resolution.

Pushed to the back, despite looking good.

My Imperial army has a distinct sram punk/Victorian flair. Keeping to it I decided on bell tents, boxes and barrels to make up the objectives. With the benefit to be able to use the elements for scenery.

Not only that you can use the components as scenery, you could even use the objectives as such.