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January 2014. After some technical models it was time for something organic. In quite confident that the printer would be able to handle that, but I was not sure wether I would be able to model something organic. So I settled for Space Marines, warriors in armor.

My first try was to do something similar to the existing Epic Space Marine model. The design was ok, but the print was not really what I had hoped for.

I decided to do my own Space Marine model. At the same time I tried to find a way out of the lack of detail misery of my first test. As part of that, I did some test prints in different sizes, to see wether the files would have enough detail. The body language of the models mirror my feelings at that time.

I came to the conclusion it's not the files fault, so it must be something different. And at that time I read about Spot-HT a different resin. Having nothing to loose I gave it a try, and was flabbergasted. For the stuff I print it is much better than the Red Resin I used before.

The test prints showed better and detail and crisper edges. Getting a boost of morale, I changed the Space Marines to better fit my mood.

At the top of the page, you can see what this version of the Marines look like painted.

Here is another shot from the rear, to the left you can see "originals" for comparison.

I was very satisfied how the Marines turned out and decided to design models with some unusual poses and created some very relaxed Space Marines. They give the chapter it's name - Space Dudes.

 The same models painted.