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January 2014. One of my pet-rants is about speciality lists in Epic. These are lists that use a special feature which will leave a balanced army list at a disadvantage. When somebody uses such a list in an environment in which his opponent can not adapt his list to it, he's IMHO trying to get an (unfair) advantage.

Like all tank, all Titans, all fearless or drop lists. None the less Drop Pods are so Space Marine, that you just must have some in your Space Marine army, even if you never use them.

The design I choose was inspired by the new Drop Pod model. But mine is big enough to hold 10 Marines.

As I was still in the exploration phase, I wanted to see whether I' could make doors that would really open.

Yes it is possible.

But when you can have open doors, you will need some interior.

So there is a missile launcher, some stands with restraints and some life support in the middle directly under the turbine. I doubt that this is really clever - but what the heck.

The bottom view shows the pockmarks from the supports. Supports are little stilts that help to stabilize the model or make sure that there is a way to grow an overhanging part.

The drop pods were grown in 6 parts. 1 part per door plus one part for everything else.

As you can imagine this makes painting the interior difficult. For that reason and because I wanted to test whether it is possible, I split the model apart. Now I can paint the parts easily before I put them together.