Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Epic Stalker


December 2013. Having designed a Rhino, but not needing Rhinos, I decided to turn the Rhino into some sorely needed flak.

The Hunter is the Rhino based flak in Epic. But having the possibility, I wanted to do something that didn't already exist. So I choose the Stalker over the Hunter.

The Stalker is based on the new Rhino, but as my army only uses old Rhinos - and having designed an old Rhino - I based my Stalker on the .... you guessed it .... old Rhino.

 The first models were printed with the red resin and that is what it looks like when it comes out of the printer.

Cleaned, dried and painted, it fits nicely to an GW-Rhino and looks much better than my old converted Hunter.

That's what they look like in the rush hour.

They are looking at you kid.

They say "don't look back", but we are looking at the back, that should be ok.

 Later I tried other resins. To the left the Red resin, in the middle FunToDo and to the right Spot-HT.

As you can see the Spot-HT delivers the sharpest print. The FunToDo is somewhere in between, but I never managed to get the tracks printed using the highest resolution. Might be my fault and not that of the resin.