Brumbaer / 3D Printing / Epic Rhino


December 2013. When I decided to buy the printer, I was told that there would be a lead time of three weeks.

To not let this time be wasted, I decided to prepare a model, so that I would be able to start with something useful as zoos as the printer would arrive.

As I had nor earlier experience - to be worth counting - with 3D printing, I looked for something simple - simple as in technical not organic of form -and for something that I could compare to some original stuff and of course it should be something I could use in one of my armies.

I decided on the the iconic old Rhino. The form is not too complicated, but with exhausts, bolter and tracks it had enough detail to be challenging for the printer.

And I could step up from there to a Hunter, which I had only as a converted model in my army and not very good at that.

I use Cinema4D for modeling and rendering and as it is more tuned for rendering as 3D printing I did a render as well as you can see above. 

When I received the print I first printed a simple test file from thingiverse and i printed out immediately. So I printed my Rhino and to my very big surprise it printed out nicely.

It doesn't look bad compared to an original Rhino.

This print is done with a horizontal and vertical resolution of 50µm.

This was printed with the printer-manufacturer's own resin. It's called Red Resin, there is a Cherry resin as well, which is meant for higher resolution prints.

You can see that the top, which is perpendicular to the build platform is very flat and smooth, while the slanted front shows step lines.

These are plainly visible in this macro image, which shows the model larger than live. 

The lines vanish when the model is primed.