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As you might know my avatar is a baer - the Brumbaer. Brumbaer is a misspelled variant of the German word Brummbär, which means grumpy baer.

The misspelling has historic reasons. The name was created in a time when names were restricted in length (8 characters) and characters (no Umlaut).

Brumbaer turns up in icons for software I write or on websites or even on shields or flags of miniatures.

Some years ago I created a 3d file to make the creation of icons easier. 

So it was no big step to try to turn this into a 3D printable model.

The main difference is that usually you create fur in a 3D model by using textures and/or shaders. But the 3D printer can only print geometry, so I had to create some fur geometry.

In the wireframe images you can see the difference that makes.


The miniatures: