Brumbaer / 3D Printing

March 2021. New printer, new project. New large printer, new large project. A Marauder Destroyer for 40k.

June 2021. The Marauder project went well and surfing that wave I decided to do another flyer. Not as large, but with distinct looks. The Avenger.

March 2020. Two legged walkers are my thing. So here is another one. Just bigger and meaner. The jurassic version of the fighting chicken.

March 2020. Corona locks me at home. So time to do a new project. After something huge and something small now it's time for something in between.

June 2019. PDMS was the inhibitant of the past Fep is the inhibitant of the present. So here is a FEP Vat for my B9 Creators.

September 2019. I was quite content with the Thunderbolt I designed and printed for Apocalypse. So I was keen to see whether other models would come out as well.

September 2019. I've been talked into a game of Apocalypse. Apocalypse is 40K with lots of models. Surprisingly I had nearly enough models for a decent sized game, but had a lack of aircraft, so I decided to do a Thunderbolt Fighter Bomber in 28mm.

May 2019. Surprisingly Kill Team is still going strong. I have four Kill teams now dedicated T'au, Adeptus Militarum and Deathwatch Teams and an OrK Team recruited from an old 40k army. I needed some additional models for my Adeptus Militarum Team and was shy to spent a lot of money for models with special weapons and so I decided to make my own models and after many iteration the team shows u as a Team of Guardswomen.

February 2014. It's time to do something for my imperial guard. It has a strong Steam Punk flair and one of the models I couldn't find a steam pinky substitute for was the Sentinel. So I made one.

January 2019. In December 2018 the members of our gaming club were bitten by the Kill team bug. To scratch that itch I decided to build a dedicated Kill Zone (Kill Team table).

April 2018. I was asked for my opinion on the Squat list of Epic-UK. To build an opinion I would have to play the army. To play the army, I would need some models. This is their story.

October 2017. New minis for Epic Armageddon. I didn't plan this, but now I have new Vehicles for my Space Marines.

March 2017. Whatever games I play, one of the first armies to play is Goblins.

August 2016. A new project, a new Epic army. After playing Orks for a while, I need something hard hitting, something reliable - Knight in shining armour.

December 2015. The Ogre army expands further. Chariots (ruleswise at least) and Siege Breakers.

November 2015. The story unfolds. More models were added to the Ogre army. Funny enough not one Ogre among them.

October 2015. In Warhammer I used Gentlemen Ogres. For KOW I switched to British Napoleonic Ogres. 

August 2015. After Warhammer Fantasy's demise it's time to try something new. One of those new things is Kings of War. Many Warhammer miniatures can be used to flesh out a KOW army, but some models are unique to KOW. Trombones are one of them To get a model that fits my Warhammer miniatures, I decided to design my own Trombone with a crew fitting the old Warhammer miniatures.

July 2015. My B9Creator version 1.1 printer lived in the shadow of it's successor, more dead than alive. But now with the sister model of the D912HD projector it gained new live.

I like fast hard hitting armies. I'm happy to trade protection for speed and firepower. So an Eldar army is just a kind of natural choice.

Once in a while you set out to hunt for a special goal. Mine was to print something with clear resin.

The one army that I have for most game systems is Orcs (with k or c). So it was only a matter of time, when I would create one for Epic. Having a 3D printer I decided to do an army completely with models designed by me.

June 2014. In all Game-Systems I play, Ork(c)s are among my most favorite armies. In this case I started with terrain instead of miniature.

April 2014. Planes nest, a place for planes to rest their weary turbines. Same style and overall feel as San Thebastion

April 2014. These are the little things that make life easier.

December 2014. I've got my 1.2 machine and the question arises which computer to use to control it? Being who I am, I decided to create a dedicated printer controller, getting rid of the need for a full fledged computer to control a B9.

March 2014. Fortress San Thebastion - home of the houses with silly hats. A fortress to give the Bastion some place to feel at home.

Hard- and Software I use for designing and creating the models.

Up to now I mainly did Eoic models. But the others are just as dear to me and can be found here.

December 2013. One of the reasons to buy a 3D printer was to do miniatures for gaming. My very first model was a Rhino for Epic Armageddon.

December 2013. It doesn't really make sense to make your own Rhino, as they are easily and cheaply available. But flak variants are a different matter. So I upgraded the Rhino to a Stalker. I choose the Stalker instead of the Hunter, because there is no Stalker model for Epic.

January 2014. I really don't like Drop lists. Still no Space Marine Army is complete without some Drop Pods.

January 2014. After so much technical stuff it was time to try something more organic - but probably not too organic. So I settled for some Space Marines.

January 2014. After tank and infantry, the next thing was a plane. A mix between Thunderhawk and Marauder.

February 2014. In Epic Armageddon objectives play a major role. They started out being marked by cardboard markers, but in the meantime miniatures are used as markers universally. So it was just natural to do some 3D printed ones.

February 2014 The B9Creator can be controlled by a Windows PC, Linux Box or a Mac. As I never pass an opportunity to tinker, I added an iPad to the list.

March 2014. Swear-word  beginning with a B ? Anyone ? Simple isn't it ? Bastion