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23.04.2023 Asoiaf - A song of ice and fire

I tried out a new game and got hooked. A song of ice and fire. Spent a lot of time with it, so there is a whole new category about it.

15.08.2022 Heresy 3D Modelle

Heresy, neues Spiel, neues Glück, neues Projekt. Schmutzig weiße Bären auf gelbem Grund dokumentiert die Entstehung einer kompletten Horus Heresy Armee nahezu ausschließlich aus 3D gedruckten Modellen.

01.07.2021 40K Avenger 

The Marauder was a fun project with a great result. So it was just a matter of time when I would do the next Aircraft model. This time it would be the Avenger mainly because of its distinct design..

01.05.2021 40K Marauder Destroyer 

A new printer calls for a new project. Large printer even larger project. A Marauder Destroyer for my 40k Imperial Army.

29.4.2021 40K Warhound Titan 

Another model from last year. A Warhound the mother hen to the fighting chicken so to say.

8.4.2020 40K Scout Sentinel 

A new model for my 40k army. Something bigger than infantry, but smaller than a tank. A little walker, a Sentinel, the fighting chicken.

20.2.2020 FEP vat

A new vat for the B9 Creator. The project is from June of last year, but I didn't find the time to write about it. Now that Corona freed some time, I remedy this.

27.9.2019 Shadowsword

Another big 40k model - a Shadowsword - 3D printed.

22.9.2019 Thunderbolt

I've been talked into a game of Apocalypse. Apocalypse is 40K with lots of models. Surprisingly I had nearly enough models for a decent sized game, but had a lack of aircraft, so I decided to do a Thunderbolt Fighter Bomber in 28mm..

10.5.2019 Guardwomen

After some detours I finished the design and print of some 28mm miniatures for Kill Team. A first, an all female team.

5.1.2019 Kill Team Board

At the moment Kill Team is all the rage. So I designed and printed a Kill Zone (Kill Team playing board).

21.10.2018 9900K running macos

As the title suggests a 9900K cpu running macos Mojave..

13.05.2018 Epic Squats

Even more 3D printed Epic models. Squat models for testing the Epic-UK Squat army list.

28.10.2017 Epic Space Marines

More 3D printed Epic models. This time trying for some more detail.

31.3.2017 A Goblin army for T9A

When Warhammer turned into AoS it left not a gap, but a crater. T9A tries to fill it. Friends made me play a test game and I decided to play a tournament. So I needed a new army fast. This describes what the army looks like and how it was, designed and printed.

2.11.2016 Computer Gehäuse aus dem Bauhaus

Ein Computer Gehäuse, dass m Wesentlichen aus Teilen aus dem Bauhaus besteht. Was für Selbermacher. Weiterlesen...

26.8.2016 New Epic Army

I did a new Epic Army, Knights in shining armour. As usual I printed my own army, instead of trying to find whatever is left on the market. The result can be found here.

26.2.2016 New Category

Computer stuff is a new category about - you might have guessed it - computer stuff

8.12.2015 Even more models for the Ogre army

Getting to the hard hitting stuff. Chariots and Siege Breakers can be found here.

5.11.2015 More models for the Ogre army

Added more models to the Ogre army. Funny enough not one Ogre model between them. See for yourself.

9.10.2015 28mm Ogres for KOW

Ogretober time for an Ogre army. It's theme is the British Napoleonic army. Got you intrigued. Ogres for KOW

21.8.2015 28mm Goblin 3D printed model

I tried my hands on a 28mm model for the first time. A Goblin Trombone for KOW is of course only 20 mm high, because it's a Goblin. Anyway it's a nice addition to my WFB Goblin army, which will become KOW ready now.

20.7.2015 Projector Mod for B9Creator 1.1

This article describes why I got an extra HD projector and what has to be done to use it with a B9Creator version 1.1

20.5.2015 myAGen

AGen is my army list generator for Epic and Warmaster. I've been asked how to create custom army lists for it. So I created myAgen an extension that allows you not only to create your own army lists, but also to add new game systems.

More info and the download link can be found here.

10.4.2015 Ulthwe

A new Epic army project. Not Dark Eldar, but black Eldar. That's what you get when you live near the Eye of Terror.

17.3.2015 Hunting of the Snark

Sometimes a hobby can be as tedious and dangerous as hunting the Snark. Checking out clear resins for the 3D printer was at least tedious.

12.10.2014 Steam Punk Space Marines

The Steam Punk Space Marines is what you get when you combine the Lamenters and the Praetorian Army.

23.8.2014 Vignette

A vignette for a change, showing Space marines fighting Stormboyz in a trench. To be found here.

26.7.2014 Ork army

Added some 3D related info about the Ork Army. To be found here.

18.7.2014 Ork army

Finally I got started with an Epic Ork army. For a change I not only painted it, but also designed and printed all of the models in the army. Have a look at the Ork army

19.6.2014 Ork village

In our game at Whitsun, I presented the Ork village for the first time. Here is a closer look at those buildings.

15.6.2014 Whitsun at the Club

Whitsun, we played a big battle at the club. This gave me the chance to put all the latest terrain on the table. Read about Whitsun at the Club.

30.5.2014 Puzzlemat spotted

Tried a different color pattern and did some "basic" hills. Read the article.

13.5.2014 Puzzlemat

A modular terrain that isn't. If you find that puzzling read the article.

8.5.2014 Control tower

My airfield was missing the probably most iconic airfield building - the control tower. Click here to get to the airfield and see that this is no longer the case.

28.4.2014 Planes nest

Continuing with terrain, the newest project is an airfield. With main building, hangars, some radar, aa emplacement and special vehicles. All to be found here.

19.4.2014 Protect your punctation

or in SciFi Speak - point defenses. The latest and the last (for the near future) addition to San TheBastion.

15.4.2014 Building program

I added a big building and a landing platform to San TheBastion. Here are the images to proof it.

9.4.2014 One to rule them all

Multi-Player-Rules used for 10k per side Epic Armageddon battle. To be found here

8.4.2014 Daddy's little helpers

Start of a series about 3D printed tools that was 3D printing.

26.3.2014 San Thebastion

The Bastion finds a home. San Thebastion a fortress for Epic Armageddon.

8.3.2014 Lamenters updated

The Lamenters got an update. I added a current shot of the complete army, including the Forge World and 3D printed stuff.

8.3.2014 The Bastion

My home is my castle. A Space Marine's home is his Bastion. That's what it looks like.

7.3.2014 Biel-Tan

Here is the Eldar army of mine. How are they ? Green, very green.

6.3.2014 Sentinel

Added my riveted Sentinel to the 3D pages.

4.3.2014 Updates

Still bringing things in. I'm nearly "current" regarding 3D printing, but Epic is still behind and Warmaster is far far far behind.

The old content is still where it has been for the last 10 years, so there are no broken links, but this is the new start page and you will return to it also from the old pages.

To get to the old start page click this link.

1.2.2014 New website

After some years, I decided to redesign this website. Mainly to add new content. I will copy the old content step for step, but it will take some time.

 To get around the new site, you can use the menu at the top left and once you're somewhere down the hierarchy the breadcrumbs just below the main image.